Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Trucking Along...

I honestly don't remember a lot of traditions we had growing up.  Maybe that wasn't my parents' style.  I, on the other hand, want my kids to remember doing certain things when they get bigger.  One of which is "F" cookies.  

I got an F cookie cutter when Ford had his first birthday party.  The "F" cookies were the party favors.  Ever since he was in 2K, 7 years ago, I have sent F cookies each time a child studies the letter F.  Normally I am Johnny on the Spot, but this whole working thing has made me not so.  Therefore, I was a week late on Annie's F cookies!!!!!  But we made those bad boys during letter Gg week anyway!
 I love that her teacher sends me pictures!....per her request I think!!!
 We are regular Wednesday night church attenders.  The first and second graders at our church visit the retirement home once a month.  When Ford was in first and second grade Mrs. Doris was his prayer partner.  This was a great set up... I'm sure she was lonely and Ford loves to talk.  I heard a lot about Mrs. Doris.  Last Christmas I got to meet her when I heard she had a gift for Ford.  Well, I learned that she passed away last week.  My little Ford was so sad.  He really loved this lady and the special friendship they had. 
 Each grade has a play/performance at school.  The third graders had theirs last week... "Off Their Rockers", was a cute play about old people.
 Pops ALWAYS leaves before I can get a picture!!!!!!!!!  Stop it Pops!
 Soooooooo thankful I teach where my babies go to school so I don't have to miss a thing!
 My class!
 Friday's are football spirit days.  Last week was a combo of pink for breast cancer awareness and camouflage. 
 And sweet Cooper brought me flowers.
 This.  This.  This is ridiculous.  I really don't like toys.  There's no way kids can play with such in a pile of junk like this.  Honestly, it looked like that for MONTHS!!!!!!!  I am OCD, but I tried not to look in there.  This little playroom was specifically built right beside my living room for this purpose...toys.  However, I never dreamed it would look like this.  Finally enough was enough.
 I spent over 4 hours after school cleaning it up!!!!!!!!
 Dad came to stay with us and Mrs. Patty sent a box of markers which pleased my kids.  So they laid in the hall and colored. 

You like that desk covered with blankets???  Yep, home renovations in the process!  It never stops.
 Fall break was October 8-9.  Since we couldn't go anywhere, Daddy had to work, we opted for Chuck E. Cheese!
 The school is doing a Pumpkin Parade Project.  You get a pumpkin and make a character from a book out of it.  Ford LOVES the Magic Treehouse books.  I think he's on #28.  He decided to make Jack from the book.
 Ummmmmmmmmmm there are nooooo words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 The hair!  Y'all, I'm pushing independence and trying to let go.  It's hard!!!!!!!
If you eat good you get ice cream for dessert.
 Today mom would have been 65.  This is her third birthday in Heaven and our third without her.  Time does help to accept that she's gone, but it doesn't necessarily make it any easier.  Just today, I grabbed my phone to call her.  I guess that urge will never go away.  My boys still talk about her and miss her.  Annie knows who her Gran is even though she has no memory of her.

It hurts to know they have to grow up without someone who loved them so much.  Two weeks ago I was in the attic looking for attire to dress the kids up in for homecoming.  I saw a random box and opened it.  Inside were knickknacks from my  parents' house.  There was an ugly white trivet inside the box that I remembered so well.  My mom used it every time she cooked to put hot casserole dishes on top of.  I cried.  I held that trivet and cried.  I went downstairs and laid on the couch with Trey and cried some more.  I guess those weird moments will always come when you see something that reminds you of a loved one who is no longer here.

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