Sunday, December 2, 2018

Tis the season to hunt

I always have big plans to blog more often than I do, but time is an issue.  I need more time.  Don’t we all though!  So, here I am some 10 days since my last post just trying to keep up and keep it real.

We were off the entire week of Thanksgiving.  Well, the kids were…I still had to work one day.  We crammed a lot into that short amount of time too, might I add.

Here we goooo…. Puddin and Pops took the kids to Bass Pro Shop.  This is always a big success!
 We are doing some home renovations, if you will.  As I was cleaning out a piece of furniture that had to be moved I found one of my old cameras.  It became Bitty's new best friend.  He annoyed everyone for several days with that sucker.
 Tis the season to hunt
 And Ford killed his first official buck!!!!
 I'm not sure who was more excited, Trey or Ford!
 The cousins came for Thanksgiving!
 Kids' table
 Adults' table
 The spread
 BoomPa and the Grands
 Annie insists she's just as tough as the boys and she will play football one day.
 Fancy woke up to go hunting one day and Bitty woke up just in time to join him.
 Love these babies
 I took John Brantley to a birthday party yesterday and....
 The nerf gun war was a blast.
 Happy first anniversary to these two!
 And here we are in December.  The busiest month of the year.  My prayer is maybe to relax and enjoy some of it!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thankful Lists 2018

Ford’s Thankful List….
1.  Jesus
2.  Momma
3.  BoomPa
4.  Gran
5.  Daddy
6.  Puh
7.  Pops
8.  The Giants
9.  Grandmother
10.  Granddaddy
11.  Bosco
12.  Annie
13.  Bit
14.  Molly Cate
15.  Caroline
16.  Jack
17.  Uncle Ken
18.  Aunt Ashley
19.  Grant and Collin
20.  Maria and Joey
21.  Food
22. Everything

Bitty’s Thankful List…..
1.  Momma
2.  Jesus
3.  BoomPa
4.  Gran
5.  Mrs. Patty
6.  Daddy
7.  Puh
8.  Pops
9.  Ford
10.  Annie
11.  Otis
12.  Ox
13.  Christmas
14.  Granddaddy
15.  Grandmother
16.  Aunt Rose
17.  Aunt Retha
18.  Aunt Ashley
19.  Uncle Ken
20.  Caroline
21.  Grant and Collin
22.  Maria

Annie’s Thankful List….
1.  Jesus
2.  Emery
3.  God
4.  Ms. Mary
5.  Mommy
6.  Daddy
7.  Puh
8.  BoomPa/Patty
9.  Bobba
10.  Pops
11.  Food
12.  Delta
13.  Otis
14.  Caroline
15.  Molly Cate
16.  Jack
17.  Uncle Ken
18.  Aunt Ashley
19.  Ford
20.  Bit
21.  School and Church
22.  Mrs. Laura and Mrs. Kristy

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Feasts for the Littles

The kids and I are all together at the same school, but I'm not in the same building with the littles.  I don't see them as much as I see Ford.  But you better know that if they do something special I will be there in a jiffy.  Friday they had feasts in their rooms.  I was there!!!

Sister was excited to see me!
 Icing her cookie
 Shaking her butter
 All the little ankle biters
 Daddy even came long enough for pictures.
 Anne Walker needed in on the action.
 Then I skipped lunch to see the Bit party down.
 He recently added bread to the list of foods he will eat.
 We are doing some home renovations and while I was cleaning out some furniture I found 3 old cameras.  Well, Bitty got himself one and has been snapping pictures left and right.  One of Trey's friends suggested he wear it on his belt (as a joke of course) and Bitty went for it!!!!!
I love the tree in our front yard!!!!!
New blog below.....

That Yellow Tree

I’m kind of the picture queen.  I had a boss once tell us to document everything.  So, I am a literal person, and with that being said, I document my childrens’ lives thoroughly.  I might not do it as good now as I once did, but I try.  But, I will have y’all know that this first picture was taken by their daddy!
 Little stair steps with some art work on the floor in the background!

Bitty was in the tub the other night and this is all I saw!!!!
 We waited in line for over 45 minutes to see Santa!  He was awesome!!!!

Notice that all 3 of their names were on his list.  We might or might not have known the creator of the Santa village!!!
We mustn't forget the beautiful ginkgo tree in front of our church!!!!  I love this child who tells me she loves me all day.  And when it's time for me to go somewhere she stalls me by saying, "I gotta tell you sumfin (something)."
He's growing up too much.  I'm trying to keep him young and innocent as long as I can.
 This child loves me big too.  If Trey messes with me he's got my back in 2 seconds flat!
 He's so quirky and just our Bitty!
 Yes, this happened!!!!!!!
 I they ONLY knew how nasty that cage was they'd get OUT!!!!!!

Tis the season to hunt

I always have big plans to blog more often than I do, but time is an issue.  I need more time.  Don’t we all though!  So, here I am some 10...