Saturday, July 7, 2018

A feather in the hair

Would anyone like to take on a challenge?  I challenge you to find three children who talk more than mine and need constant entertainment, attention, and time.... more than mine.  I don't think it can be done.  

Yesterday I was trying to pay some bills and literally could put a stamp on an envelope and then would have to stop to cater to a child.  But then again I am ohhhhh so thankful for this last week because we've had no agenda and have been at home.

One of the big girls at the pool had a feather in her hair.  Annie saw it and immediately wanted some "different hair".  Sweet Mrs. Rosy took Annie and her friend, Emery, to get "different hair".
 Annie, Larson and Emery
 It lasted less than 24 hours.
 Patty is a picture taking queen.  She snapped this last weekend of the boys snuggled up to me!
 I have laid down with or rocked a child for over 9 years now...every single night.  I secretly love it!
 Ford had a great time at Ole Miss baseball camp 2 weeks ago.  I have no idea how those children were able to stand the heat all day.
 The Lamar, Oakley, and Still kids on the 4th!...and Emery too.
 Anna Greer at the fireworks...
 That Paw Patrol shirt....
 Leland, John Everette, and Ford
 Homeschooling in the summer.... Oh how they hate it!  Oh but I don't care.  Life long learners....
 I am 100% aware that this post has a lot of Annie pictures in it.  It's because she follows me around all day long.  Yesterday we tried on some uniforms she will have to wear this year!!!!
 I went to get my hair highlighted yesterday!  My kids don't understand that so I snapped this pic!  I also think my face looks extremely disproportionate when I flip the camera around!!!!!
 Bitty was trying to pull Ford with a rope....
 Ford let go, Bitty hit the wall, WE laughed!
 Yep, they all still sleep together!
 Daddy took Annie to the Saturday morning men gossip fest at the office!

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