Sunday, March 11, 2018

Bitty exists

Bitty hasn’t gotten much blog time here lately because he runs from my pictures.  But I have some documentation that he still exists.

They do fun stuff at school and this week was letter “Pp”.  With that came boys dressing as pirates and girls as princesses.  Lucky for Puddin, I had skipped town to see Fancy for the night in Jackson so she got to dress my little man.  And I know you wouldn’t believe this, but she said he wasn’t cooperating well that morning!!!!!
 Eli, Bit, and Carson
 Carson, Eli, Bitty, Mox, and Price building castles
 He loves to bake and lick the bowl.   That means a mess and we must strip down.
 This was the second baseball tournament this weekend.  The destination was Tupelo and the weather wasn't favorable.  The director of the facility decided that we'd start on Friday night (since rain was in the forecast on Saturday) with the first game being at 9:00 PM followed by one at 10:15 PM.  Tupelo is an hour and a half or more away.  Lets just say I wasn't asleep at 1:00 AM.
 We lost, badly.  I don't know what happened to our team this weekend.  It was ugly.
 This was on the way home....
 We went back to Tupelo on Saturday to sit in the car while it rained and eat snacks.
 These two are loud, loud, loud!
It's Spring Break, y'all!!!!!!!!

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