Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Greatest Gift

 There are so many things in life we anticipate and get excited about.  They might be birthdays, vacations, holidays, ball games, you name it.  These events bring us great pleasure, happiness, and big smiles.  I agree, I like all of these things too.  But there is something else I have been patiently waiting for.  Something far MORE important and exciting than any of the above things I mentioned.  It’s Salvation for my children, and on April 23rd, Bitty accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior.  Nothing can bring this momma more joy than knowing one of my children (Ford too… He accepted Jesus on 7/15/14) will spend eternity in Heaven.

Ford was chosen with some other students to spell out CHIEFS at the pep rally last week!
 "Take my picture, momma!"
 Senatobia hosted its first ever baseball tournament last Saturday.  Ford played in 5 games and his team came in second place with another ring.  This makes 6.
Trey and I had to miss a few games because we made a flying trip to Jackson to celebrate Dad and Patty getting married (friends hosted a party).  It was a fun evening with a lot of adults (their friends) that I didn't know!

Kate (my new sister), Ashley (my sister in law), Megan (my new sister), and me
 When they are BOTH crying and you turn around and say, "I'm going to video you!"  They immediately quit!!!!!!!!
 Bitty's class had a field trip to the zoo yesterday.  Since Annie's class wasn't going this spring I let her tag along.  She was extremely pumped about this.....
 I mean.... can you tell!!!!!!!!  Double chin and all
 Puh came too!!!!!!  Annie said she'd show her all of the animals.
 Bitty, Eli, and Carson
 Only one meltdown by Bitty because he hit his face on something.
 You can ride a camel for $5 per person totally about 45 seconds!  What a deal...
 My crew this morning before school

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