Monday, January 8, 2018

Passed crazy at this point

Tomorrow life returns to normal.  Normal being, the kids GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!  There is only so much a momma can do to entertain her kids in Mayberry before everyone is half crazy.  I am passed half...I'm all the way there.  That's why I am hiding in the laundry room blogging.   Blogging is my go-to when I need to be alone.

My children, especially John Brantley, love art.  We do lots of coloring and creating at The Lamar Household.  On this particular day, I taped 15 sheets of copy paper together so he could draw a barn.
 I sat down to pay bills one morning with my personal assistant, Annie, beside me.  I was busy giving all of my money to Comcast, Entergy, Direct TV, etc., that I wasn't paying attention to Annie who was deep into the body art!!!!
 Body art results in baths.  Baths sometimes mean bathtub markers, which means MORE clean up for me.  Lord help me....SCHOOL where are you?????
 Despite the smiles, giggles, and wildness, Annie felt pretty lousy last week while she battled the flu, strep, and an ear infection.  A nap in my lap made her feel better.
 Did you know coloring with chalk is sooooooooo messy?  Well, it is.  Don't try this at home.
 Look at his hands.... this would be a river and mountains.  We found a picture on my phone for him to copy.
 Sick baby....
 New day.... more chalk art.
 It's been frigid cold outside.  I hate cold weather.  I feel safer from snakes, but that's about it.  We curled up to watch some Paw Patrol before bed.
 The lake behind our house stayed frozen for several days, so we threw golf balls out there and watched them roll.
 Trey is determined that Ford is going to kill a buck.  He keeps waking the poor child up to go hunting.  No luck thus far....
 January 5th was the two year anniversary of my mom going to Heaven.  We took her some new flowers.
 That night we went to Germantown to be with Ken's crew and dad.  Bitty made this sweet picture on the way up there.  Breaks my heart....
 Saturday Trey took Ford on his first duck hunting trip...
 John White and Ford
 Jason, John, Ford, and Trey
 Then they came back for Ford's first Upward game.  His team won 24-20.  Ford scored 20 points.
 And Trey and Ford headed back to the woods so the littles and I did some painting.  Another bad idea on my part.
 That night we went to the farm to eat....
 And Sunday they went hunting AGAIN!
 It was cold yesterday so I pulled this gem out of a bag.  Literally.  It was my sweat pants from about 31 years ago when I took dancing.
 She got some make-up from Bobba for Christmas.  She said she felt pretty!
 New look for winter 2018!
 Bitty requests the biggest stuffed animal whenever Trey and I go on trips.  Luckily, Santa found him a big one.  He sleeps with that thing at night.
In other news.....

John Brantley- I finally convinced him at 5.5 years old that he doesn't need to sleep in a diaper.  He quit about 3 weeks ago.

Annie-  She's POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!  This has been the case for 3 weeks.  She still sleeps in a diaper at night, but she's 100% panties in the day.

Ford-  He killed his first duck this weekend and is currently over the fact that I've had him practicing subtraction all of Christmas break.

Trey-  He is in full swing of year #7 in the legislature. 

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