Tuesday, February 20, 2018

V-Day and festiveness

I really, really, REALLY want my kids to look back on their childhood when they are older and think, “My mom tried to be fun…she made holidays and special days fun.’’  With that being said, I try to decorate and be festive when festiveness is called for.

Valentine's morning....
And no day is complete without some parties...

First I celebrated with John Brantley and some ice cream sundaes.... 
 Eli, Mox, and Bit
 John Brantley prefers "chocolate stew".  That is vanilla ice cream with a lot of chocolate syrup and plenty of stirring to soften it up.
 Bit and Carson
 Passing out his treats. 
 I love this one!
 Then that afternoon the Littles and I went to celebrate with Ford.  Under normal circumstances I do not like to bring siblings to parties, but this was how it had to be on this day.
 Ohhh they love each other!!!
 We are definitely going to need braces.
 Annie snacked too.
 Mrs. Bouchillon's second grade
 Veazey and Ford
 On Friday Sister had her party with ice cream sundaes...
 There are a lot of females in her class!
Annie and Kate
Emery, Nora, and Annie
Those.  Eyelashes.
Annie and Maggie
 You know me, over protective mom here.  I only let my kids watch PBS and Nick Jr.!!!!!  The other day they were watching Curious George and Ford decided he had an idea.  George had used cardboard boxes to make a vending machine.  Very soon, we too had a vending machine.  It was pretty cool inside!
 Annie LOVES gymnastics.
 I found some magnetic letters in my teaching boxes in the attic.  The kids have enjoyed them.
 Ford, my hypochondriac, is often complaining about something.  So we went to the doctor last week.
 The littles acted bad.
 He has another ear infection.
 And Friday night was Parents Night Out.  Four couples loaded up in my suburban and met another couple in Memphis at a new restaurant called The Gray Canary.  The food was weird.  Weird as in I had to google what most of it was!!!!!  We had big fun though and enjoyed some much needed adult time.

The Moms...

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